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Junction Computer Services specialise in providing onsite computer repair services to both home users and small business customers. Our mobile computer service comes to you. We service a large section of South East Queensland centred on Brisbane and the immediate surrounds.  Junction Computer Services also provide a pickup and drop-back service. We understand that you might not have the time to wait about at home for computer repairs. That’s why we have a pickup service that allows us to collect your PC or laptop, fix it and drop it back to you the same day or next day.For certain issues, we can remotely connect to your PC saving you time and money. Of course, the suitability of Remote Computer Repair can depend upon the nature of the issue.

No Call Out Fee.

Our rates are $120 inc GST for the first hour and $30 per 15 minutes.

Service Times

Our services are available from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.
Contact us for enquiry or to book a call out.

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General PC Maintenance

Sometimes, the computer might just need a general tidy-up, if it hasn’t been looked at for a while. The system might be running slow for a variety of reasons. There could be some unwanted software that produces adverse performance issues. In some cases, certain important updates may have been neglected. A desktop PC may be in need of a good clean out for dust intrusion. Some general maintenance might sort all that out.

Hardware Issues

Many computer hardware problems can be diagnosed and fixed at site. Some others may require taking away for lengthier periods of testing. A noisy fan or hard disk drive may be a warning that something is near to failing or causing other unanticipated faults. It’s always better to get it looked at before complete failure occurs.

Software Issues

Aside from major Windows system issues, there are many other software problems that could affect the operation of a computer. Outdated or unsupported programs can cause problems. A program with problems may only need updating or reinstallation to resolve issues. Repairable corruption of email storage files is another relatively common problem. Running trustworthy and current antivirus software is always important. Still, the worst kind of software problems can lead to the need for a full Windows system reload, with data retrieval, software reinstallation and configuration.

Malware Issues

The kinds of things that fall under the category of malicious software problems can be fairly broad. Some can be fairly minor and more of an annoyance that inhibits computer performance. Some can be far more serious and may even require full Windows reload to safely deal with them. Whenever concerned over signs of those sorts of things, it’s a good idea to consider looking at some further detail about malware.

Notebook Repairs

One of the most common faults in laptops relates to faulting of older style mechanical hard disk drives. That’s less common with newer solid-state-drives (SSD). Though serious mainboard failure in notebooks can prove too expensive to consider repair out-of-warranty, the replacement of RAM, hard disk drives, laptop screens, batteries and power adapters can still be cost-effective repairs.

Wireless Networking

Connecting wifi devices can be as simple or as complex as any given circumstance requires. That can vary from a fairly straight-forward wireless connection from a modem/router to laptop and wireless printer to other more involved set-ups with powerful secondary wireless routers or specialised wifi access points in the mix. There are quite a few considerations that can come into play when choosing the right kind of wireless networking that works for each situation.

Data Backup

It’s no secret that the backup of data is an important consideration. Troublesome loss of important data is something that can be easily avoided. There are multiple backup options available including external drives, NAS drives and various kinds of online cloud backup. If the data stored on a computer, laptop or networked system is important, proper consideration should be given to data backup.

System Upgrades

With a desktop PC or laptop that’s not too old, but just not quite fast enough, a relatively minor hardware upgrade might make all the difference. There are number of reasonable options that might be considered for computer upgrades.